How To Claim Travel Insurance

Please follow these instructions prior to filing a claim and when completing

the Claim Form. Assistance is also available from the International Medical Group® (IMG®) Customer Service Department at the telephone numbers listed below.




Pre-certification (notification of illness or accident):  

You must call IMG to pre-certify any of the following conditions: any treatment requiring hospitalization; outpatient surgery, CAT scans, MRI’s; within 48 hours after an emergency admission to the hospital; care in an extended care facility; home nursing care; durable medical equipment including artificial limbs; or transplants.  Pre-certification may be done by you, a relative, or a hospital representative.


Independent Preferred Provider Organization (PPO):  Your plan may recommend you receive treatment from a provider within the US PPO.  You may access a listing of physicians or facilities by:

∙ Using the IMG website,  This provides a complete listing of providers by specialty and    geographic location.

∙ Contact the IMG Customer Service Department at the telephone number or mailing address listed below    for a list of providers in your area.  Please note, due to the size of the PPO network we can only send    directories for your immediate area.


When receiving treatment from a PPO provider, please follow these instructions:

∙ Present your IMG medical identification card to the provider.

∙ Request that the provider send the bill directly to IMG.  Please note, if you pay directly to the provider for    an eligible expense this will likely affect your reimbursement from IMG.  The negotiated fee for services    will be the maximum reimbursement, whether paid to the provider or to you.

∙ Complete the Claim Form and submit it with all original bills or invoices.  If the provider has filed the    claims on your behalf, simply forward the completed Claim Form to IMG.

∙ When receiving treatment from a PPO provider for eligible expenses, the submitted bills must be
   re-priced through the PPO to the negotiated rate.  This procedure may extend the normal processing time    of your    claim.




∙ If this is a new claim, complete ALL PARTS of the Claim Form.  If treatment was received in the United    States you do not need to complete PART C.

∙ If this is a continuing claim, complete PARTS A AND D.  If treatment was received outside of the United    States, you should also complete PART C.

∙ Attach all original itemized bills, statements and invoices for services and supplies.  

∙ Please make certain that all documents indicate claimant’s name, date of service, diagnosis and the    itemized charges.

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